Hydden Crystals (EP)

by Julian Buttersweets

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    Recorded in the summer of 2009, this EP contains three synthed-out pop gems. Gems...get it?!




released June 15, 2007

All songs written and recorded by Matthew Conklin
(c) The Love Co, 2009. All rights reserved



all rights reserved


Julian Buttersweets Sacramento

Julian Buttersweets (aka Odd Moniker) is a songsmith and beatcrafter from Sacramehhhhh CA. He considers himself avant-pop royalty and expects you treat him as such. Any time you see him walking alone without a fresh hot dog in his hand, give him a pat on the shoulder, a reassuring smile and say "Hey! Tomorrow is another new day for hot dogs." He may thank you with a song. ... more

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Track Name: Cry Diamonds
Hiding in a potted plant
You found a shiny diamond ring
It brought you luck, you think
But now you're not so sure

I was amazed when I found out
That you had not lost your way
I picked you up, yeah
You were fine, you seemed OK

When we exchanged our goodbyes
I saw a small tear in your eye,
Or was is something much brighter,
Shiny, tiny in size?

Do you cry diamonds?
Honey try
To cry diamonds...
Do you cry diamonds?
If so goodbye, goodbye, goodbye
Track Name: Hurricane Carlos
I was out trying to have a nice day
When Hurricane Carlos blew my way
And all the people along the bay
All started screamin' and tryin' to escape

You can't outrun the morning sun
Just like you can't outrun a hurricane

I was just thinking of something to do
When Hurricane Donny passed on through
Knocked over dishes and furniture too
Did a 180 and flew out the room

You can't outrun a hurricane
Just like you can't outrun my love for you

There are times when apple pie and
Cigarettes won't make things right...
I hope you find this isn't true

If it is I hope you step out
Turn a heel and stick your neck out,
extend your hand and say "how do you do?"
Track Name: Cat Bones
Take a shovel, dig anywhere in my yard
You may find something that's hard

Paper shoe box filled with blankets and bones
If you don't mind I would like to be alone...

Name tag's rusted, jingle bell's busted, oh!
I want to put them back where they go
Cat bones

I had no idea I would ever find out
What the afterlife is all about

I was skeptical but now I'm pretty sure
I'm standing at the end of the world!

Fur is rotten, eyes are gone, but no!
I will remember how they were long ago
Cat bones