2010 is OK (demos)

by Julian Buttersweets

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    This isn't an album, but an ever-growing collection of song demos. You might hear these on other albums in the future, but you'll usually be able to check out new stuff here first.

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released January 10, 1995



all rights reserved


Julian Buttersweets Sacramento

Julian Buttersweets (aka Odd Moniker) is a songsmith and beatcrafter from Sacramehhhhh CA. He considers himself avant-pop royalty and expects you treat him as such. Any time you see him walking alone without a fresh hot dog in his hand, give him a pat on the shoulder, a reassuring smile and say "Hey! Tomorrow is another new day for hot dogs." He may thank you with a song. ... more

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Track Name: Stranded Astronaut
Frozen in a wall of ice
Left behind and quite suprised
To find that I am still alive

Thawing out below a sun
Much to hot for anyone...
I scream and such to pick me up
No one hears, I'm out of luck
Soon I will return to dust

Clinging to the hope that I
Will be rescued by this time
Or so next year, I have no fear

Dehydrated applesauce
Reminds me of the world I lost
I eat it up, It's not enough
Covered in a blanket frost
Every resource I'll exhaust
Track Name: Horn of Plenty
Horn of plenty come to me
I want it but I shall not be
The lucky one to keep it close
That's the way it always goes

I am not the jealous type
I'll wait for it another night
If it ever came to me
I wouldn't think to take a bite

Everyone around me gets
All the things they want and yet
I'm the one with nothing left
Borrow one thing, steal the rest

Those who fight the odds against
Are warriors, not pacifists
In order to stay relevant
I'll have to make the change I guess
Track Name: Unwrapping Party
Jet black pill goes down the hatch
To pull me from the Devil's grasp
Did you know it's made from bones
Mummified and slowly roasted
Underneath the All-Seeing Eye

Jet black skin has worn with age
Like words that crumble from the page
Tear the skin right from the bone
Then return him to his throne
Underneath the All-Seeing Eye
Track Name: When Is Is Was
Car motor stalling
Internet's crawling
Virus installing

Bicycle's rusted
Xbox is busted
What can be trusted?

We'll be better off
Someday when Is is Was

Roof leak detected
Housecat's defected
Debts are collected

Muscles are aching
Tectonics shaking
Everything's breaking

We'll be better off
Someday when Is is Was
We'll be much better off
Someday when Is is Was